Unreal Engine

Block Constructor Plugin.

Plugin for generation and optimization of level/terrain 3D bit data.


Additional to that plugin generates terrain from perlin noise in realtime and optimizes it during runtime.


Example:  Level with the size 1024x1024x128 would take in 130 MB of data to represent the level, plugin takes an average of 250-450 KB.

Rade Dynamic Shooter Template

This template was made for three types of users:

- Artist. Who want to import and use their assets without the need to configure or code at all.

- Blueprint developers. Who don't want to structure everything. They can configure and extend the already existing framework and implement the unique features of their projects.

- C++ developers. Who want to prototype or create projects without the need to start from zero.

- First and Third Person Camera System
- Character System
- Inventory System
- Weapon System
- HUD System
- Dynamic Replication of Systems.

Hand on Dark Mirror

Real-time History Generator. Smartnode Quest Generation.

Next Generation of quest creation in Mass Multiplayer Online environment.

Real-time quest generation based on data/events that happened before. All events, action and choices are saved in real-time.Any action can trigger a unique or archetype quest.Completing a set of random or specific quests can trigger the creation of new unique quest for you.


1) You killed someone. And any other player meeting specific requirements can get a quest form the relative or friend of the person you killed to hunt you down. In real-time.

2) Traveling through wide range location can earn you a title which will give you quest to explore new locations.

3) Killing the King of local kingdom can trigger and array of quests not only for you but everyone in that world.


End line:

Every action and in-action will generate data, even just by existing in that world. And Based on that data new quest will be created.


Mad User

Global Game Jam 2015 project.

You are a nasty annoying fly which wants to travel to the other side of table without getting killed by addicted alien computer user.


Hide and annoy. hide and annoy. LET THE JIMMIES BE RUSTLED.


Good Luck fellow trolls.

Dynamic and Extendable Weapon System.


Custom extendable item and weapon system.


Integrated into "Rade Dynamic Shooter Template"


Minecraft simulation.

A Shooter with dynamic and savable inventory system

Recreating standalone version of the ShooterGame with extendable features and events.

Drag and Drop HUD System/ Slate Combination

Canceled as EPIC Games will be releaseing their own system soon.

Custom Dynamic Unreal Engine HUD Elements.

Playing around with Unreal Engine UI system. Before the appearance of UMG.

Button Click Event works in both C++ and BluePrint

Custom Inventory

Unreal Engine 4 Prototyping

The Never Ending Night

This project took too much time.


A whole lot of UDK prototypes

Lost most of them........